EFICEEC-EFISEE is the Central-East and South-East European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute. EFICEEC was launched in April 2010 and comprises a network of 30 partner institutions in Central- and Eastern Europe. EFISEE was launched in November 2012 and represents a networking institution within the South East European countries with 9 partners from 6 different countries in the region. 

EFICEEC-EFISEE is an international research network that provides integrative forestry-related research and capacity building with a particular focus within three thematic research areas: innovation & sustainability, policy & governance as well as forests & land-use. 

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Austrian Set of Indicators for SFM adopted by the Austrian Forest Forum



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EFICEEC was coordinating the Revision of the Austrian Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management. The set contains the pan-European indicators for SFM as well as 33 indicators of additional national importance. The indicators are related to goals of the Austrian Forest Program and the Austrian Forest Strategy 2020+ and contain agreed targets and thresholds as well as assessments of the achievements which makes this set unique in comparison what is so far available in other countries. The Report on the Austrian Set of Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management was adopted by the Austrian Forest Forum at 16 May 2017.

More details about the indicator set please find here.

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