Regionally and internationally recognised research 

EFISEE aims to become scientific institution that will strengthen forestry research in the South-East European region and will produce relevant outcomes which are going to be recognised and accepted by the global scientific community. 

Linking science and policy 

The mission of EFISEE is to help policy making through conducting research and policy support with a specific attention to the SEE region. EFISEE will offer advocacy which is going to be founded on research inquiries applied into policy making, within a region which strives to become an integral part of the European Union in the near future. 

Networking and partnership

EFISEE will improve networks of international collaboration in the SEE region as well as act as a connection point to the European Union, and through EFICEEC office bring back European experiences in science and in its implementation. It will strive to include stakeholders within decision making processes related to forest policy and governance especially in terms of urban and peri-urban forests.