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POLYFORES - Decision Making Support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe – Value Assessment, Synergy Effects and Trade-offs



POLYFORES is an inter- and transdisciplinary project involving scientists from natural- and social sciences with strong expertise in the field of Forest Ecosystem Service (FES) assessment and valuation. The three main aims are: (1) map ecological impacts including trade-offs and synergies between different FES of variable forest management scenarios at different spatial and temporal scales; (2) provide a holistic approach of value assessment taking into account different valuations across multiple levels of decision-making and diverse sectoral perspectives contributing to appraisal of trade-offs and synergies between different FES; and (3) support decision-making processes of FES at different (Pan-European and EU, national and sub-national) levels through a transdisciplinary approach involving decision makers in a continuous participatory learning process level throughout the entire project.

The project is lead by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Partners are EFI (EFI HQ-subcontracted), BOKU/EFICEEC, SLU & LTU (both Sweden), NMBU (Norway), ALU-FR (Germany), CTFC (Spain), Institute of Experimental Botany at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (IEB NASB) Belarus, Centre for Forest Ecology and Productivity RAS (CEPF RAS) Russia.

Contact person: Helga Pülzl

Implementing Office: EFICEEC