EFICEE Policy Briefs

EFICEEC Policy Briefs are short summaries on the current status of knowledge on the topic. They are available only in German as prepared for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. EFICEEC Policy Briefs are published semi-annually.

You can download our policy briefs in electronic format below.

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/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_7_zu_indikatoren.jpg : 3Kb

Policy Brief 7: Waldindikatoren im Fokus (.pdf)



/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_6_waldeigentum.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 6: Waldeigentum im Fokus (.pdf)

/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_5_nat_biookonomie_strat.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 5: Nationale Bioökonomie-Strategien (.pdf)



/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_4_int_waldpolitik.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 4: Internationale Waldpolitik im Fokus (.pdf)

/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_3_biookonomie.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 3: Bioökonomie und Waldpolitik (.pdf)



/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_2_sfm_in_sud-_u._osteuropa_herausforderungen.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 2: Nachhaltige Waldbewirtschaftung in Ost‐ und Südosteuropa ‐ Trends und Herausforderungen. Schwerpunkt: Gesellschaft und Politik (.pdf)

/files/images/eficeec/library/policy_briefs/eficeec_policy_brief_1_europa_und_wald.jpg : 4Kb

Policy Brief 1: Europa und Wald: Europäische Waldpolitik auf neuen Wegen? (.pdf)