Cost Action E51 - Integrating Innovation and Development Policy for the Forest Sector

31 May - 1 June 2010, Brussels, Belgium

The role of policy in European forest-based innovation: bridging sectoral and territorial approaches

Session I. Problem situation and knowledge demand

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Integrating innovation and development policies for the forest sector

Gerhard Weiss
European Forest Institute Central-East European Regional Office (EFICEEC)

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Innovative policies for the sustainable development of the forest sector

Timothy Hall
DG Research

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Innovative future for wood: Making new opportunities real

Claes-Göran Beckeman
Forest Technology Platform (FTP) Innovation Task Force

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Innovative future for the forest: Integrated rural development

Doris Wiederwald
ÖAR regional development consulting

Session II. Results of the COST Action E51

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Innovation in territorial services

Prof. Bill Slee
Macaulay Institute, United Kingdom

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Innovation in wood based vertical value chains (To come)

Prof. Pekka Ollonqvist

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Timothy Hall ( DG Research), Doris Wiederwald ( ÖAR regional development consulting), Claes-Göran Beckemann ( FTP), Prof. Bill Slee ( Macaulay Institute), Prof. Pekka Ollonqvist ( METLA).

Session III. Intersectoral discussion forum

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Intersectoral discussion forum: Round 1 (To come)

Topic: What policies are needed for an integrated wood value chain management?

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Intersectoral discussion forum: Round 2 (To come)

Topic: What policies are needed for integrated rural development?

For more information on the COST Action E51 see here.